Understanding the importance of using market segmentation and lifestyle data to drive decision making in any organization isn’t some new phenomenon and it’s not just the latest trend. Data is powerful. I know it. You know it. So why have we been slow to use data intelligence to drive communication strategies in a school district, city, or nonprofit environment?

Maybe it’s because we’ve just continued to do things the way they’ve always been done.

Not the right answer. Let’s break this bad habit and vow to explore three ways we can start using data to reach the right audiences at the right time on the right platform right now!

Produce content that taps into community interests.

Do you know how many people in your community love the arts, care about all things related to science, or are classified as pet owners? Taking the time to learn about the lifestyle interests and habits of the families you serve can be very powerful. Knowing what makes them tick can guide and shape your content marketing strategies, social media campaigns and provide you with a fresh approach to how you look at the organic stories that land on your desk. You might find ways to align those stories to the interest of your target audiences that generates a whole new kind of audience engagement.

Use lifestyle data to invite people to your upcoming event.

How often have you held a community wide event and simply invited anyone and everyone via your website, Facebook page and community newsletter? What if we could use our special events to target and engage new audiences? For example, when opening a new performing arts center your team could use lifestyle data to target members of your community and invite or give free tickets to people who regularly go to the theater. It’s very likely that this group would not be aware of the opening of the new center unless you targeted them through mail or digital advertising. Data can be the key to getting the right people to your event while still engaging the same group of community supporters who always seem to attend your events.

Create community engagement around a cause, issue or initiative.  

Is your school district, city or nonprofit interested in building brand awareness around an initiative like college and career readiness, after school recreation leagues or even fundraising for scholarships? Maybe you need to communicate the need for road improvements or even a new high school. Market segmentation and lifestyle data can be used to build targeted communication list to build awareness or even support around an issue by communicating with audiences who care about your issue or cause.  Let’s be honest. Your funds are limited and sending a piece of mail to every household in your community can be expensive. Targeted mail can be used to send a handout to only households of registered voters when the issue or cause will be on an upcoming ballot, saving you thousands of dollars. All while you continue to use your traditional channels of communication to reach the masses.

Regardless of how big or small your school district, city or nonprofit is in size, using market segmentation and lifestyle data in your communications strategies is a smart move that can deliver real results. So vow to think outside the box and examine new ways to use data to communicate your next big project.

Want to get started using market segmentation and lifestyle data but don’t know where to start? We’ve helped more than 50 organizations just like yours use data to craft powerful strategies that impact their communication efforts and gain meaningful results. Let’s get your team data informed. Email us, chat with us or give us a call.